Rapid Setting Tile Mortar

Polymer-Enriched Thin-Set Mortar

Rapid Setting Tile Mortar is a rapid-setting, polymer-enriched (“modified”) mortar for installing a wide range of tile and stone over a diverse range of substrates in thin-set applications.

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When are fast-curing/rapid-setting tile mortars such as MAPEI's Rapid Setting Tile Mortar recommended?

Fast-curing/rapid-setting tile mortars such as MAPEI's Rapid Setting Tile Mortar are recommended when a quick turnaround is needed. These mortars can be quite helpful for floor tile projects in homes that have a single exit/entryway or only one bathroom.

Is a polymer-enriched mortar the same thing as a latex-modified mortar?

Yes, there are several terms used to describe a cement-based tile mortar that contains polymer, such as latex-enriched, latex-modified, polymer-enriched and polymer-modified. MAPEI's Rapid Setting Tile Mortar contains polymer and is considered modified.

What is the proper way to mix a rapid-setting, cement-based mortar?

Be sure to follow the packaging instructions carefully when mixing. Use cool or cold water, keep the water-to-powder ratios correct and adhere to the short mixing time. Use a drill rather than mixing by hand. Once the product is mixed, use it immediately. Do not add more water if the product begins to thicken.

What trowel size should I use?

The trowel size is determined by the size of the tile being installed. Generally speaking, the smaller the tile, the smaller the trowel notches; the larger (or longer) the tile, the larger the trowel notches. Refer to the Lowe's mortar selection chart for more information.