Fast-Setting, Polymer-Modified, Cement-Based Patching Compound

Planipatch is an ultra fast-drying, self-curing, polymer-modified, cement-based patching compound that rapidly develops high compressive strength. Use for smoothing, patching and filling cracks, holes, voids and depressions in concrete and approved wood underlayments prior to the installation of floor coverings. Floor coverings can be installed just 1 hour after application. Mix with Planipatch Plus™ to use as an embossing leveler or patch over properly prepared vinyl sheet goods, vinyl composition tile (VCT), cement terrazzo and residual cutback adhesive surfaces .

This product includes High-Hydrated Cement Technology (HCT™).

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Can I use Planipatch over concrete?

MAPEI's Planipatch can be applied directly over clean, porous concrete. No additive or primer is required.

Can I use Planipatch over plywood?

MAPEI's Planipatch can be applied directly over clean, exterior grade plywood. No additive or primer is required.

Can I use Planipatch over existing flooring?

MAPEI's Planipatch must be mixed with Planipatch Plus® additive when patching or skimcoating over existing flooring such as ceramic tile, sheet vinyl or VCT.

How much water do I mix with Planipatch?

When mixing MAPEI's Planipatch powder with water, mix 1 part cool water to a range of 2-1/2 to 3 parts of Planipatch powder. In other words, add 1 cup of cool water to every 2-1/2 to 3 cups of Planipatch powder. Mix only a small amount at a time.

How much time do I have once I mix Planipatch?

MAPEI's Planipatch is a rapid-setting, fast-drying cement-based product. Once mixed with water or MAPEI's Planipatch Plus® liquid, MAPEI's Planipatch has a pot life of approximately 8 to 10 minutes based on 73°F. Warmer temperatures or warm water will shorten the pot life.

What should I use to apply Planipatch?

MAPEI's Planipatch can be applied using the flat side of any standard notched trowel. A flat trowel with rounded edges, such as a pool trowel or venetian plaster trowel, works best.