Mapesonic 2

All-in-One Membrane for Crack Isolation, Sound Reduction, Waterproofing and Vapor Management

Mapesonic 2 is a patented, next-generation, flexible, 76-mil thin, lightweight, load-bearing, fabric-reinforced, “peel-and-stick” membrane for sound reduction, crack isolation, waterproofing and vapor management. Application of Mapesonic 2 can be immediately followed by installation of finished flooring.

Mapesonic 2 reduces transmission of impact sound (such as footsteps and dropped objects) and airborne sound (such as voice and TV) through floors when installed under ceramic tile, stone, vinyl and wood floorings. It also helps to prevent existing or future in-plane floor cracks (with movement up to 3/8" or 10 mm wide) from transmitting through grout, ceramic tile and natural-stone assemblies.

Indoor Air Quality

Technical Data Sheet