Mapelastic AquaDefense

Premium Waterproofing and Crack-Isolation Membrane

Mapelastic AquaDefense is a premixed, advanced liquid-rubber, extremely quick-drying waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane for installation under ceramic tile or stone in residential, commercial and industrial environments. Mapelastic AquaDefense provides a thin, continuous barrier to protect adjacent rooms and floors below from water damage. For common problem areas like coves, corners, cracks and drains, it can be combined with MAPEI’s optional Reinforcing Fabric or Mapeband™ accessories (cove roll and drain flash) to provide additional protection. Mapelastic AquaDefense dries after about 30 to 50 minutes and is then ready to receive any MAPEI polymer or epoxy mortar. Mapelastic AquaDefense can be flood-tested after 12 hours of drying time, is IAPMO-listed for use as a shower-pan liner, and exceeds ANSI A118.10 and ANSI A118.12 standards.

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Can I use Mapelastic AquaDefense to bridge the gaps between cement boards?

It's important for cement board (and fiber cement board) to be installed in strict accordance with the written instructions of the board manufacturer. This typically includes taping the corners and seams with mesh tape and covering the tape with a polymer-modified, cement-based tile mortar. MAPEI's Mapelastic AquaDefense should not be used to replace this critical step or to bridge the gaps between cement board.

How soon can I apply Mapelastic AquaDefense over properly taped corners?

After cement board, corners and seams are treated with mesh tape and a polymer-modified cement-based tile mortar, the area should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before application of MAPEI’s Mapelastic AquaDefense. Note: If time is an issue, use MAPEI's Rapid Setting Tile Mortar with the mesh tape and allow the area to dry for at least 4 hours before applying Mapelastic AquaDefense.

How soon can I apply Mapelastic AquaDefense over a sloped mud bed?

After creating a slope with a fresh mud bed, using MAPEI's 4 to 1 Mud Bed Mix, the area should be allowed to cure for at least 48 hours before application of MAPEI's Mapelastic AquaDefense. Curing time is based on 73°F. Cooler temperatures will require longer curing times.

How many coats of Mapelastic AquaDefense are required?

All corners should be pre-treated with at least 2 coats of MAPEI's Mapelastic AquaDefense. MAPEI recommends an additional 2 coats of Mapelastic AquaDefense in the main field areas plus corners. So when properly completed, there should be at least 4 coats of Mapelastic AquaDefense on corners.

How do I apply Mapelastic AquaDefense?

MAPEI's Mapelastic AquaDefense can be applied with a paint brush or a 3/8" (10 mm) nap paint roller.

Which tile mortars are recommended for use over Mapelastic AquaDefense?

MAPEI mortars for use over Mapelastic AquaDefense are: Rapid Setting Tile Mortar, Large Tile & Stone Mortar, Large-Format Floor & Wall Tile Mortar, Uncoupling Membrane Mortar mixed with MAPEI's Polymer Additive, and Mosaic & Glass Tile Mortar mixed with MAPEI's Polymer Additive.

Can I use mastic or a premixed tile adhesive over Mapelastic AquaDefense?

Ready-to-use tile adhesives, such as MAPEI's Type 1 mastic and Premium Mortar for tile and stone, require a porous substrate to cure properly. They should not be installed over waterproofing membranes.