Smooth Concrete

(Also see Rough Concrete, Concrete and Exterior Concrete Substrates)

Smooth concrete will have a surface texture like a laminate countertop. Smooth concrete surfaces should be tested to confirm porosity. If the concrete absorbs water, then it is considered to be porous. Smooth, porous concrete surfaces should be mechanically abraded. Ceramic, porcelain tile or natural stone can then be installed with a polymer-modified cement-based mortar such as MAPEI Porcelain Tile Mortar, MAPEI Large-Format Floor & Wall Tile Mortar, MAPEI Large Tile & Stone Mortar, MAPEI Large-Format Floor Tile Mortar mixed with MAPEI Polymer Additive or MAPEI Uncoupling Membrane Mortar mixed with MAPEI Polymer Additive. Always use a white mortar for installations of new natural stone and clean the grout joints while the mortar is still soft in preparation for grouting.

All concrete substrates should be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint, tar, wax, soap, concrete curing compounds, concrete color stains, concrete sealers, clear coats, loosely bonded toppings, any primers that are not MAPEI brand, old adhesive residues (unless otherwise recommended by MAPEI), and any other substance that may prevent, reduce or affect adhesion or performance.

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