Cement Tile Mortars

Polymer-Modified Mortars

These mortars contain polymer, so they do not require an additive. They provide superior bonding for porcelain and stone tiles.

Lightweight Polymer-Modified Mortar

Lightweight polymer-modified mortars reduce the weight of your installed floor and are easier to carry than standard mortars.

Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy mortars are used for setting moisture-sensitive stone or used in areas where a chemical-resistant setting material is necessary. These epoxy mortars also have high compressive strength, which provides excellent impact strength in commercial facilities.

Dry-Set Mortar

Dry-set mortars do not contain polymer and are great for installing porous tiles or for use with certain membranes.

Dry-Set Mortar Latex Additive

These additives help dry-set mortars stick to nonporous tiles (such as porcelain) and substrates better.