Type and Size of Tile

(Also see Tile)

Many different materials are used to manufacture tile. The most common types are ceramic, porcelain and natural stone.

Some of the factors to consider when selecting the type of tile for your project include color, pattern, edge style, shiny or matte surface, durability of finish, glazed or solid surface, slip resistance and, of course, price.

The size of the tile is determined by the measurements of its width and length. When you are asked for tile size, it is important to refer to the longest side of the tile — this will help you to select the mortar or adhesive that is appropriate for your tile, to purchase the correct amount of material and to use the right trowel size.

For example, many wood-look plank tiles are 6″ wide by 24″ or longer. So, the mortar that is selected for this installation should be recommended for a tile that is over 15″ long, such as MAPEI’s Keraflex Plus, MAPEI Ultralite Mortar, MAPEI’s Ultraflex LFT or MAPEI’s Ultraflex LFT Rapid. In addition, the trowel that is used to spread the mortar should be appropriate for a tile that is over 15″ in length.

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