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Finding complementary grout colors can be overwhelming, so the solution was to arrange colors to fit a distinct style and personality. MAPEI bundled color technology with artistic knowledge to develop an expanded 40-color palette, which was divided into an innovative five-color palette collection. Each color collection consists of eight shades that are arranged by increasing value (from light to dark) and chroma (color saturation). Check out all five collections below.


Grout colors in the “Serene” collection are cool, minimalist colors and include such tranquil shades as Mint (#102), Rain (#101), Cobblestone (#103) and Timberwolf (#104).


“Traditional” colors are classic vintage colors that invoke a timeless era. This luminous and delicate group of colors includes White (#00), Biscuit (#14), Ivory (#39) and Iron (#107). 


The “Natural” collection takes its inspiration from nature itself and can create a great subtle backdrop for floor or wall tiling. This earth-tone set includes colors such as Bamboo (#108), Walnut (#106), Driftwood (#105) and Hickory (#111).


The “Romance” collection resonates with passion and deep nostalgic tones, and includes colors such as Caramel (#110), Pecan (#112), Brick Red (#113) and Mahogany (#114).


The “Glamour” collection is a group of richly saturated tints for prestigious and upscale designs. This assortment includes Gray (#09), Charcoal (#47), Black (#10) and Truffle (#115). 


The “Dramatic” collection takes center stage with the darkest and lightest grout colors that are available today. Ultracolor® Plus Max in Pure White (#117) and Jet Black (#118) offers maximized color depth and high-performance consistency for repeat rave reviews.

To see the full lineup of MAPEI grout and mortar colors, click here.

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